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Joe E. Jenkins, PG, CHMM, CPESC

About ECS

ECS Provides Cost-effective Management Strategies for All of Your Environmental Needs

Our goal is to provide excellence in environmental compliance management through targeted solutions to compliance concerns.  ECS cost-effectively helps you support and sustain compliance with environmental laws and regulations through the use of  Continuous Improvement and Environmental Management Systems processes, procedures and tools. 

Sustainably Reduce Your Compliance Risk

In this ever changing world of environmental regulations, its critical that you understand all of your environment compliance risks.  Using key principles of environmental management and continuous improvement, I help you understand how your business affects the environment and then develop cost-effective programs to manage each risk.   

An Experienced Professional You Can Trust

With over 30 years of environmental experience, I use continuous improvement and project management skills to help companies cost effectively navigate the intricacies of environmental regulation. My business experience comes from independently managing compliance for oil and gas, power generation, and utility operations; and as project manager over environmental projects in the construction industry.

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